Our Latest Marriage Minutes

Preparing Your Response

MRI imaging supports the notion that when we hear information that triggers our emotions, we tend to quickly conclude the other persons intentions and motivations based on how we feel. All too often, this leads to character assassination, which usually results in both spouses feeling hurt, frustrated or angry.

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Positives vs. Negatives

Did you know that it takes five positive interactions with your spouse to balance each negative interaction?  In other words, when spouses interact in ways like holding hands, smiling, or extending verbal compliments five times more often than interacting in ways such as name calling, yelling or slamming doors, there’s a great chance the marriage will grow stronger.

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Impact of Negative Thinking

  Have you ever noticed we tend to quickly remember negative experiences in life, even though our positive experiences greatly outnumber the negative? Some researchers believe it’s because there is a negativity bias within the brain, which tends to cause us to respond with greater sensitivity to unpleasantness. 

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