How it Works

We provide a marriage mentoring process for the church designed to support the Pastor in such a way that allows them to spend more time doing what God called them to – Pastor. We successfully make this happen by providing church partners with a unique, online, user-friendly management system. It is up to each church partner to determine who fills the roles within their structure. 

Identify Leadership and Create Church Structure

Staff Champion

The Staff Champion is a church staff member designated to oversee their Marriage Mentors Ministry. Our structure allows flexibility for the Staff Champion to have as much hands – on involvement as they prefer. While typically more involved during the implementation phase, most Staff Champions choose to monitor the their Marriage Mentors Ministry managed by lay leadership that has been trained and empowered. 

Ministry Coordinators

The Ministry Coordinator is a married couple and faithful church member. Ministry Coordinators oversee the their Marriage Mentors Ministry with the assistance of Staff Champions and other active Mentor couples. 

Couple Support Coordinators

Couple Support Coordinators are Commissioned Mentor couples that oversee a small group of Mentor couples. As the ministry grows with more Mentor couples, small groups are created and managed by Couple Support Coordinators to support each Mentor couple best. These couples serve as the first point of contact for Mentor couples in their group. They facilitate communication between other Mentors and church leadership and support Mentors through email, phone calls, and Mentor socials.

Mentor Couples

A Mentor couple is a husband and wife trained to walk alongside another Mentee couple seeking enrichment or restoration in their marriage. Mentor couples should demonstrate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a sincere desire to help couples build strong Biblical foundations for marriage, and a willingness to share their time, energy, and life experiences with their mentee couple. These couples are agents used by the Holy Spirit to impart Biblical truths and introduce new tools that Mentee couples can use while facing common marital issues. 

Mentee Couples

The Mentee couple is a husband and wife who want their marriage to be different and believes they are ready and willing to change. Mentee couples can only be engaged with a strong desire to learn more to start their marriage with more tools and a solid Biblical foundation.