Marriage Mentor Support System

Our online tools allow Mentors to equip themselves as they prepare for mentoring sessions.

The Marriage Mentors Online Training and Support System is designed specifically to:

  • Helps churches effectively manage each individual involved in their Marriage Mentors Ministry
  • Provides additional training and continued support to Mentors as they work through the mentoring process
  • Provides accountability and confidentiality for the Mentors
  • Resources Mentors, Ministry Coordinators and Staff Champions with new tools as they become available

Features of the Marriage Mentors Training and Support System:

  • Mentor Session Reports - Mentors are encouraged to complete online session reports after each mentoring session. These reports allow the church's leadership to follow the progress of every mentoring relationship in their church while providing accountability and support for the Mentors. 
  • Detailed Personality Assessment - Mentors can view and print their Mentee's Connect Assessment® Personality Profile results instantaneously upon being paired with a Mentee couple. Mentors also have complete access to detailed written and video explanations of the Profile Report designed to help them build their confidence in using the tool with their Mentee couple. 
  • Role Play Videos - Mentors can preview role-play videos of each phase of the marriage mentoring process, helping them feel confident to facilitate the mentoring session and demonstrate how to handle certain situations that could arise.  
  • Additional Resource Helps - Mentors have access to resources and exercises to use in mentor sessions.  
  • Ministry Management Tools - Ministry Coordinators have access to tools designed to assist them as they facilitate the Marriage Mentors Ministry in their church. For example, they can track the mentoring progress of Mentors with Mentee couples, pair Mentee couples with Mentor couples, access and assign assessment codes, prepare for training, and download documents to conduct mentor certification appointments.