What We Do

We Partner With Local Churches & Organizations 

Strong Marriages Marriage Mentors process helps local churches and organizations establish their Marriage Mentors Ministry by guiding and assisting them in identifying, recruiting and training future Marriage Mentors. Once trained, access to the Marriage Mentors Online Training and Support System supports Mentors with videos, exercises, and additional mentoring resources. Additionally, this system provides an individual portal to the church to organize and maintain all the mentoring relationships. 

What Makes Our Mentoring Distinctive?

  1. Strong Biblical Emphasis - When it comes to helping spouses in their marriage, we firmly believe if it doesn't begin with God and His design for marriage, it simply won't work. Transferring effective communication and conflict resolution skills is essential, and we teach them throughout the mentoring process. However, these skills are always more effective with a solid biblical perspective, so we train Mentors to guide couples to use Biblical instruction.
  2. Intentional Process - Mentoring is couple-with-couple discipleship that is relationally transferred with a well-defined process. The primary goal is for Mentee couples to enrich and enjoy the marriage God designed. Mentors are trained to guide their Mentees to see how it makes sense to do things differently. This intentional process continues as Mentee couples are then trained as Mentors to effectively share what they learned with future Mentee couples.
  3. Marriage Mentors Online Training and Support System - Since 2006, we have partnered with churches and their Marriage Mentors. The Online Marriage Mentors Training and Support System offers well-structured ministry management tools, role-play videos to prepare Mentors with what they might expect in every mentoring session, online session reports, and many other support resources for church leadership and Mentor couples.